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What is Dysglopia?

Dysglopia is an NFT (Non-fungible token) game universe set on a dystopian wasteland in the Philippines. The planet Earth’s terrains are inimical, and all its inhabitants are at its oblivion. Yet, hidden behind the planet’s remains, a new intelligent species, called Gloop, emerged as its dominant inhabitants, mutated from the accumulated toxic chemical GLS or Gellies excreted within all the rubbish remains by the planet’s former inhabitants—the human race.

What is GLS Tokens?

Gellies or GLS is the official currency of the game universe, where players aim to collect then exchange for real-time money.

What kind of in-game combat style should we expect from Dysglopia?

The battle system of Dysglopia is inspired by other turn-based battle games like Axie Infinity, AFK Arena, and Pokémon. This will be the core of the gameplay of Dysglopia, in order to give players the thrill of making high stakes combat decisions, and the play-to-earn rewards will be much higher compared to the PvE gameplay. With this being said, there will be variations of PVP gameplay in the game, like solo queue PVPs and clan wars.

Will there be guilds or clans in Dysglopia?


Dysglopia will feature clans, wherein players can band together, trade with each other, stake treasury, and battle other clans in a clan war. This feature of Dysglopia will let clans have strategic battles with other clans. The winning clan will receive rewards like GLS, experience points, and bonus loot.

Is the game pay to win?

No, every new player will be given free starter Gloops to those who does not want to put in any money.

How do I collect Gloops?

A game mechanic called loot bin would provide the player with a random item in exchange for Gellies, whether it is a Gloop or an item. This makes Pulling the mechanism for Dysglopia's players to get in-game resources, like items and Gloops. The player spends Gellies to make a random draw from the loot bin. The attributes of the item will also be randomized. The chances of getting a better item or Gloop will increase when the player pays more Gellies.

Another way would be buying from the Traveling Merchant, this game mechanic serves as a pop-up shop that appears every Wednesday. When the traveling merchant appears, it will offer players a set of randomly discounted in-game resources, such as Gloops and items, which will be rare. Each set of offers will only be available every Wednesday and is unique for each player. Having the merchant sell limited items then only appear during Wednesdays will make Dysglopia's players excited and will generate anticipation among the community.

How do i get a stronger gloop?

Merging will allow players to create a new Gloop and for the game to burn old Gloops. A player who chooses to merge will require two Gloops and Gellies to pay for the merging fee. The two Gloops will then be burned to create a new Gloop. The information about the levels and attributes of the two gloops will be gathered, which will determine what features and skills the new gloop will have. However, the new gloop may also have a new skill that is neither in its parents' skill-sets. When two gloops are merged, the new gloop made from merging will turn out to be more valuable than either of its parent gloops.