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The battle system of Dysglopia is inspired by other turn-based battle games like Axie Infinity, AFK Arena, and Pokémon. This will be the core of the gameplay of Dysglopia, in order to give players the thrill of making high stakes combat decisions, and the play-to-earn rewards will be much higher compared to the PvE gameplay. With this being said, there will be variations of PVP gameplay in the game, like solo queue PVPs and clan wars.

This game mode grants players explore the world of Dysglopia and allow them to complete daily missions. Features such as PVP game mode, players are required to spend 1 energy point in order to play. The game aspect of Player-versus-Environment (PvE), wherein Players compete with AI-controlled enemies are rewarded with bonus Gellies. Additionally, players can farm EXP points in this game mode which in turn can help the players level up their Gloop, preparing them for Player-versus-Player (PVP) mode.

Dysglopia will feature clans, wherein players can band together, trade with each other, stake treasury, and battle other clans in a clan war. This feature of Dysglopia will let clans have strategic battles with other clans. The winning clan will receive rewards like GLS, experience points, and bonus loot.
Each clan will consist of a Clan Leader, its role is to select players who will participate in the war and decide when to start the matchmaking. The match will commence once an opposing clan has been carefully paired with the same statistics, and strength of its participants; and so the clan war begins.


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It is important to note that to be able to participate in the public sale and early access, a user needs to first apply for the whitelist, a link for which can be found down below. Once a user has applied for whitelisting, he/she will get a confirmation email alongside the buying guide and the Exclusive Link for Early Access.